North Cambridge Artist Association


Welcome to North Cambridge Arts (NoCa).  We are an association of accomplished, professional visual and performing artists living and/or working in North Cambridge with a strong commitment to the neighborhood and community.

NoCa includes painters, woodworkers, sculptors, photographers, jewelry makers, fabric artists, mixed-media artists, musicians, dancers, writers and poets.

NoCa is a volunteer*, participatory community organization. All members are expected to attend meetings and actively participate in NoCa activities.

*Please honor the spirit of NoCa.  If your interest is limited to simply increasing your individual web visibility we ask that you pursue this goal through other means.

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Upcoming Meetings

    Meetings are open to the public.

    Upcoming meetings dates are:


  • Check out the NOCA display at Porter Square CVS windows at 36 White St, Cambridge, MA
  • Find out about upcoming events.