North Cambridge Artist Association

Belle Brett

I work primarily in three media—photography, watercolor, and collage. Each taps a different creative need, but in all of them I am interested in pattern, color, and the play of light.

In watercolor, I paint scenes and flowers. I begin with a photograph, paint “plein air,” or create something from my imagination. I am more interested in capturing an impression of something than in making a literal representation. One thing I like about watercolor is the layering of paint that allows the different colors to show through.

In paper collage, I emphasize strong design. My collages are the most abstract of my three major preferred art forms. A blow-up of a flower may be a snowy background in one collage, a cloud in another. I use both torn and cut shapes. My images and shapes come from calendars, magazines, travel brochures, photographs, and origami papers. I prefer working small—4x6 or 5x7. One thing I like about collage is how it lets me be truly imaginative.

In photography
, I like to bring an image in closer, concentrating on the overall pattern, on the light and shadow, on the shapes and colors. One thing I like about photography is the chance encounter with an inspiring subject.

More of Belle Bretts' work

Belle Brett
Belle Brett, “Wind Whip, Watercolor, 12 x 16 inches”