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Jeannie Motherwell

I am constantly amazed with the images and mysteries of creation – oceans and skies in changing weather, Hubble-type images of the universe, and my own physicality during the painting process. It is the space in these images that I seek to capture and the 3-dimensional energy that defines that space. This requires special appreciation for the edges of the picture so that, rather than the eye moving off the surface, it bounces back through the surface.

Pouring, pushing, and layering paint unfolds those mysteries of creation and further informs me of my own space and role within it. 

Though I begin with intention, the process itself yields marvelous surprises that carry me in directions I have not anticipated. It is like a dance with a creative partner gently leading me into moves I have not yet experienced.

" Black has always been a favorite color of mine because I try to use it in so many ways — mostly as a color vs. a mood or darkness or depth. In recent years my palette has been very much influenced by the sea and the sky and the earth. But black is a “go to” color for me and I often resort to it when I am unsure of what color to use instead."


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Jeannie Motherwell
“Mariana”, 2015, Acrylic on Claybord, 36" x 48"