Elena Stone

I am an intuitive painter and mixed media artist, primarily using acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and pastels. Most of my recent pieces are abstract and process-oriented; a second body of work is more narrative and figurative; lately, I have been exploring the intersection of the two.

My work evolves to let meaning emerge through color, mark-making, texture and rhythm, sometimes integrating collage materials and natural elements. I love the journey of a piece coming together, and the shades of beauty, energy and emotion that different layers and juxtapositions express.

Whatever the materials or subject matter, I approach my art as a spiritual practice for honoring the mystery of life and deepening my own relationship to the natural world, the cosmos and human experience. I aim to create work that invites others to look closely, engage authentically, and find their own meaning and connection, perhaps gaining inspiration, hope or healing in the process.

Anyone interested in my work is welcome to contact me at