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Belle Brett

I am both an artist and a writer.

My Writing. In September 2018, my first novel, Gina in the Floating World, was published by She Writes Press. Set in 1981 Japan, it tells the story of 23-year old American bank intern, Dorothy Falwell, who, while moonlighting as a bar hostess in Tokyo, accepts the mentorship of an older man and slides willingly but gradually into prostitution. Kirkus Reviews called it, “A sharply observed and unforgettable debut.” Available on Amazon ( and wherever books are sold.  In addition, I maintain two blogs and contribute to others’ blogs and online magazines.


Writing website:


My Art. In art, I work primarily in three media—photography, watercolor, and collage. Each taps a different creative need, but in all of them I am interested in pattern, color, and the play of light.  In collage/mixed media, I emphasize strong design. My collages are the most abstract of my three major preferred art forms. I cut and tear shapes from calendars, magazines, travel brochures, photographs, and fancy papers. I have created a series of collages inspired by my novel, Gina in the Floating World. In 2018, three of these were accepted into three different juried exhibits at the Cambridge Art Association. In watercolor, I paint scenes and flowers. I begin with a photograph, paint “plein air,” or create  something from my imagination. I am more interested in capturing an impression of something than in making a literal representation.  In photography, I like to bring an image in closer, concentrating on the overall pattern, on the light and shadow, on the shapes and colors.


Art website:

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