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Gail Francine Liebhaber

Calling myself an artist is a still a new phenomenon. Creating and appreciating art had never been a part of my daily life, and I held no aspirations of becoming an artist “someday”. It was not until mid-life that I began looking at the world with artist’s eyes. As I became interested in the natural world,  I “saw” the sumptuous blossoming trees in Maui, the wispy clouds in the never-ending skies of New Mexico, and the flowers cascading over our neighbor’s fence. Having cut back on my paid work, I sought time to look, listen and be stirred by whatever caught my gaze. Color and form spoke most clearly to me. Could I capture the light upon the walkways, convey the feeling of gratitude for color, both bursting and subtle? I am eager to share what I create in the hope that it will bring pleasure to the viewer. My paintings can be seen on my on-line gallery:

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Gail Francine Liebhaber 

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