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Jeannie Motherwell

I am amazed by the images and mysteries of the oceans and skies in changing weather, Hubble-type images of the universe, and my own physicality during the painting process. It has inspired my recent body of work for many years. My paintings, which are quite abstract, have an intimacy to the space in them but also an immensity. The process I use and the mere physicality of it help me explore spatial complexities that yield marvelous surprises. They often carry me in directions I cannot anticipate. I like to think of my paintings as an 'event' or an 'occurrence'; that is, an action that emerges in the here and now — where the subject matter symbolizes the images and mysteries of creation.

I work on the floor, circling all four sides while immersed in the act of spreading color on a raw surface. At times, monochromatic and at others awash in swirling bright color, I engage with my pictures as they swing and move, transcending the picture plane. 

My website is:

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