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Johanna Schulman

Johanna Schulman was born in 1957 in New York City and is a resident of Cambridge, MA where she lives with her wife, Moira, a photographer. Together they are the parents of Annie, who was adopted from Hunan China and who is a women's basketball coach. Johanna is a newcomer to art having been a financial planner for many years before retiring in 2021. Since then she has been developing her creative voice, primarily in the medium of collage. Johanna utilizes paper, found photographs and negatives, her own photography, paint, antique written correspondence, translucent prints on tissue, and other ephemera to compose her collage works. Her themes are diverse. Underlying her work is a paradox: that the world is without God and full of inexplicable evil; and yet that same world, especially its flowers, skies, birds, colors, and languages, seems defiantly and gratuitously beautiful. How can this be?

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