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Kathy Jenkins

Many of my prints celebrate the exquisite details inherent in nature. I am continually impressed with both the stability and fragility of our world, and hope that the work conveys these concepts simultaneously. A printmaking press is an ideal tool to record minute natural elements, and allows visualization that might otherwise remain unnoticed.

Each unique print occurs through a sequence of passes through the press, building on what came before, often in ways that are completely unexpected. Over time, I have gained more control of the process, and have tried to create images with synthesis and balance. Recently, I have been exploring encaustic techniques using printed images. Both wax and inks are beautifully translucent, allowing interesting images to emerge layer by layer, as a small creation story.

Kathy Jenkins has been printmaking since 1997, and has studied at various regional schools and workshops, beginning with the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA. She is also a member of the Cambridge Art Association, and is on the Board of Directors of the Monotype Guild of New England. Her studio is in Medford, MA, near the Tufts University campus.

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