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Philip Olenick

I've been a photographer for half a century, ever since I was taught black and white darkroom work by my dad at about eight years old.

I was an early-adopter of home color printing chemistry and papers in the nineteen-seventies, and didn't move to digital until 2007, once it became as good as film. The deciding factor was gaining the ability to control the whole process  from beginning to end.

I make my prints using an eight-color pigment-based printer with semi-gloss ceramic-coated paper that has thousands of tiny inkwells in the ceramic which keep the paint from spreading sideways, enabling very sharp - and very lively - archival enlargements.

I like all kinds of subjects (I was a yearbook photographer in high school, specializing in candid portraits), but I'm especially drawn by water - it's a lively randomizer that keeps our surroundings interesting.

Phil Olenick
617-549-0484 cell

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