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Meet Joe Diggs - Cape Cod African American Painter

Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 23, 4:00 - 5:30p.m. See you then!

Joe Diggs, our presenter, is an African American painter who lives on Micah's Pond, Cape Cod, on land originally owned by his grandfather. 


He focuses on finding the exact color, and the exact shape to say what he wants to say - no easy feat. Sometimes he has plans for a painting, sometimes working through observation, and other times Joe lets his work develop on a pure emotional, and impromptu experimentation, letting the paint flow freely.  Joe sees painting as magic, as images appear out of nothing and blobs of color transform to present new meaning.
Joe recently completed an MFA at Mass College of Art.

You can view some of his work at

Email Hannah Sukonick for Zoom access.

Welcome to North Cambridge Arts (NoCa). 


We are an association of accomplished, professional visual and performing artists living and/or working in North Cambridge with a strong commitment to the neighborhood and community.

NoCa includes painters, woodworkers, sculptors, photographers, jewelry makers, fabric artists, mixed-media artists, musicians, dancers, writers and poets.

NoCa is a volunteer*, participatory community organization. All members are expected to attend meetings and actively participate in NoCa activities.

*Please honor the spirit of NoCa.  If your interest is limited to simply increasing your individual web visibility we ask that you pursue this goal through other means.

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Artist Highlights

Black Stories Matter

Barbara A. Thomas participated in a LadiesCon 2020 panel discussion where Artists and Writers of color talked about their experiences and the importance of diverse representative storytelling. View on YouTube.

History Lessons by Dan Lynn Watt

History Lessons traces Dan Lynn Watt's journey through childhood in New York during the McCarthy era. He marched on May Day with his war hero father and activist mother, chanting "We don't want another war!" and "Jim Crow must go!" At camp, he sang about world peace, freedom, and workers' rights. At school, he attempted to hide his family's politics. He takes you inside family struggles against racism and political repression. Disillusioned with communism by the 1960s, he became a civil rights and antiwar activist.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.51.58 PM.png

Gina in the Floating World 
by Belle Brett
Book Release Date: Sept 25, 2018

Gina in the Floating World, by Belle Brett was published on September 25, 2018 by She Writes Press. 

Set in 1981 Japan, it is the suspenseful tale of a naive but ambitious young American who goes to Tokyo for a bank internship but ends up as a prostitute of her own free will. 


Inputs for our Public Art Project

We will be working together on a collaborative public art project that will be installed on the Russell Field fences in North Cambridge. Keep in mind that the work will be displayed outdoors and needs to withstand the elements. We have received approval for this project from the Cambridge Arts Council.

The Last Valley
The Last Green Valley by Barbara J. Thomas

Barbara Thomas has recently published, "The Last Green Valley"  (Cherry Grove Press, October 2019). 

It is available on Amazon. Her book launch is on February 6, Thursday at the Andala Cafe , 286 Franklin Street, Cambridge MA at 7PM.  Please come and help her celebrate.

2018 Sidewalk Poetry Contest Winner - Mary Buchinger

The five winners—plus five runners-up—were chosen in April from 139 entries contributed this spring by Cambridge residents, ranging in age from 3 to 86, and hailing from all the neighborhoods of the community. Read these 10 poems here. All 10 poets were invited to read at the Poetry Tent at the annual Cambridge Arts River Festival on June 2, 2018. 


April 29, 2021 (via Zoom) 
7pm - 8:30



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